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2019, Conjectural Futures Network

Conjectural Futures Network

2. Conjectural Futures Conference


Dear Conjecturals,

We live amid drastic changes – climate change, pandemics, mobility challenges, breathtaking new technologies, fundamental geopolitical and social shifts. It seems that continuity is disappearing with an increasing pace all over the world. The future seems uncertain. But that is precisely why we must not only anticipate but also shape it.

How can we imagine the future? Or even design it? What methods and techniques are used? Whatever the future will look like, we will have to share it. It therefore requires many voices and perspectives to find out what is conceivable, plausible, or desirable.

The corporate foresight teams from Evonik and Deutsche Bahn, supported by zero360, are jointly organizing a two-day Open Foresight Event at the Kaiserbahnhof in Potsdam on the 17 & 18th November 2022. Once again, we would like to bring together artists, researchers and theorists with experts and visionaries from corporate foresight, politics, NGOs, and other companies. This event is a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with other participants about unconventional future scenarios. We very much hope to welcome you there. The exact program will follow.

Save the Date & see you in the future!

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